Who Am I?

Heena Kaul. I am from Thailand, but I am an Indian. My native language is Hindi, but majority of the time I use English. Over the years I’ve been exposed to various cultures and people, ensuring no absolute-identity. According to where I’m from I should be very conservative and calmer, but I am weirdly open and crazy.

Honestly, I don’t think I’m a great writer, but I love writing. I write OlioVida to share and keep memories of anything and everything I do. Everything from cooking, eating, traveling, photography, I’m-a-philosopher-days and more..

OlioVida. Olio means a miscellaneous collection of things. Vida means life in Spanish. A perfect name for what this blog represents. A virtual diary of memories and ideas in my life.

And this is me, being just me. Hope you enjoy OlioVida 🙂




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