Rules to fuel you up!

  1. Brown rice is better, because it breaks down faster! (slower release of glucose)
  2. Nuts (almond, cashews and walnuts), Avocado and Flax Seeds are healthy fats. Infused in snacks too!
  3. Fish is a good addition. Allergic? Vegetarian? You need to take omega 3 supplements or Chia seeds.
  4. Eggs is a complete protein source. You need it.
  5. Whole wheat bread few not a loaf is good on alternate days.
  6. Ghee is healthy. Olive oil is also healthy.
  7. Switch and combine veggies & meat together for meals. They have complimentary proteins! Consume in moderation. No binging!
  8. Cut out processed meats (sausages, bacon and salami). Avoid fast food.
  9. Enjoy bites of dark chocolate rather than low % of cocoa chocolates.
  10. Fat-free and low-fat is a hoax! Have your fresh cow milk or fat full milk. Just keep it real.
  11. Fruits are your friends.
  12. Water way of hydration is what you really need.

Note: You don’t need to follow a crazy diet and plan, but always make sure you are having your foods in moderation. You are not eating red meat worth a meal for 3. Also have natural fatty items and sweet foods (nuts & fruits). Artificial sweetness will do no damage if you have it fewer times a week. Don’t run away from your fries if you love them, just don’t have them everyday.

Make it your choice to have a better lifestyle and health 🙂


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