End of a Plan

This is the last week of the 6 Week plan for super toned glutes, finally! Finally it’s coming to an end, which means I’m going to need to start something new very soon. Let me lay out the exercises for this week and get to work …

Week 6: High Knee running in place, Box Jumps, Kettlebel/Dumbbell Swings, Wall Squats, Push-Ups and Lunge Kick

3 Sets of 10 reps each

Remember the usual – Work, work, Day off, work, work and weekend OFF!

Your toned now, but you can keep going.

High Knee Running In Place


Use your palms/hands to set the height-target for your knees to touch. They need to be high till almost your waist height. You can change pace whenever, but make sure you keep the knees high.

Box Jumps


If you don’t have a box to jump on, you can use the stairs. You can go up 1 and then down 1. Make sure you go low (almost into squat) then jump up. This is how it will work on your hamstrings and glutes. Also hold in your abs.

Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swings



Wall Squats


Position your feet shoulder-width apart from the wall. Lower your body into a squat position till you are parallel to the floor. Hold for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 and hold for 30 seconds.



Lunge Kick


Lower yourself in lunge position and squeeze your glute. Next, push up and kick high. Do one side 10 reps, then change leg.



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