Almost there, Week 5!

It’s the second last week!!! Unfortunately, I can’t start till a few days later thanks to a stupid stye. Not allowed to sweat otherwise it’s going to get worse. No excuses for you all though, so let me quickly share the 5th Week’s routine.

Week 5: Skipping, Speed ladder, Bag kicks/Squat kicks, Punches combo, Plank crawl and Superman push-ups

10 reps of 3 sets each sounds good 

Reminder – 2 days follow, 1 day break, 2 days followweekend break


Spend at least a minute skipping continuously. Try to not stop in the middle. You can change the tempo of your skipping in each set.


Speed Ladder


This is the best small swiftest cardio! I loved it during my football/soccer practices and now it’s back. These are the 3 variations of speed ladder you can do. Spend at least 30 seconds doing each TWICE. You need to break more than just a sweat. Feel your lower body working while tensing your abs.

Punches Combo


These are 4 types I’ve usually used for punches combo exercise. You can create a combination of all four in 1 by spending 10 reps on each. This means 40 punches in 1 set.


Plank Crawl (Spiderman Crawl)


Place your hands on the ground like a full (not elbow) plank position; Move one knee forward and to the outside of the elbow, shifting your weight forward. You need to stay low working on your ab.

Superman Push-ups 

These are push-ups I haven’t even dreamed of..but I have changed it to only pushing off with arms in the air. You really need to know the strength of your arms and shoulder to be able to do this.

Squat kicks I discussed previously so you can click on the term to see it. You can do a front kick or a side kick.

Toning your glutes is a good reason to start following this routine, but a better reason is for staying active. Sweating it out to be healthy and fit. It’s never too late, do join in before next week, the LAST WEEK 😀



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