Week 4 Tweaked a Notch

Week 4  requires TRX suspension equipment but it’s possible without it. Apart from the week 4 routine, I add some ab work and cardio. This cardio only lasts a song long on a treadmill on a normal-brisk walk speed. To make this walk not boring and more effective, I use the lightest weights, dumbbells. While walking you can do sets of bicep curls, overhead triceps, lateral raises and punches. You’re going to be working double than the standard amount on your speed.

Back to toning your glutes…

Week 4: Trx Pistol Squats or Pistol Squats, Squat side kick, Sumo Deadlifts, Push Jerk & Narrow Push-ups .

10 reps of 3 sets each sounds good 

Reminder – 2 days follow, 1 day break, 2 days followweekend break

TRX or Regular Pistol Squats

Trx Pistol Squats
Trx Pistol Squats
Pistol Squat using a bench
Pistol Squat using a bench

This movement improves control of the hip, knee and ankle. It is going to test your balance and stability  requiring a lot of work from the glutes. It is difficult initially, but slowly you’ll get the hang of it. You can go lower and lower once you get your balance.


Squat Side Kick


Hold your squat position first, then rise up and kick or straighten your leg to the side squeezing the glute. Lower leg back balancing yourself into a squat position and repeat leg raise opposite side. Always do it alternately; otherwise you’ll make your outer glutes die out too fast.

Sumo Deadlifts


It works both your glutes and hamstrings. Also this is better than traditional deadlifts for people with lower back problem.

Push Jerk


This is a functional exercise. It requires great balance, strength and coordination.

Narrow Push-up


Remember to keep your back straight with the hands/grip positioned closer to each other. Squeeze your glutes and tighten core when lowering back. Push-ups can do more than just shoulder, bicep and tricep.



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