Glutes in the making

Finally, after the HIIT and Gravity routines by darebee, I’m following this 6 Week Plan happily. Following happily has led me into week 3 of this plan already, starting today! I am not doing this exercise because I am going to the beach or plan to wear the skinniest jeans, but I’m just doing it for me. The bonus of following this is that I could eventually do “those” things. So honestly, you want to feel good or MORE GOOD about yourself, do a bit more for yourself. This can be a part of it 🙂

Week 3: Squat Jump, Split Lunges, Suitcase Deadlifts, Chest Presses & Wide Push-ups

10 reps of 3 sets each sounds good 

Also don’t forget, 2 days follow, 1 day break, 2 days follow, weekend break

Squat  Jump:


Your chest should be higher than your hips, so glutes are being used more. Use your arms to propel you…up.

Also landing is very important. Make sure you’re slowing down when landing, so there is no shock to your joints. It’s absorbed. To keep balance, lift your toes while landing. Exhale jump, inhale land.

Split Lunge: 

Split Lunges
Split Lunges

It’s a regular lunge, but it requires you stay in 1 place. Also legs apart around more than the regular lunge. Balance. Up & down without getting out of the lunge position. You should be feeling tension on your glutes, hamstrings and your core.

Suitcase Deadlifts:

It is a deadlift but just using 1 arm at a time.

Keep your feet around your shoulder width apart. Use light weights, a big soda bottle works too. Stand straight up while performing the lift.

You do one side at a time, left then right.

Push Press & Wide Push-up:

Since I was working out on my terrace, I used a pot (plant pot) as weight. You can use a dumbbell, textbook, soda bottle or any sort of weight.

Push Press
Push Press
Wide Push-Ups
Wide Push-Ups


You can get more info on OlioVida’s facebook page 🙂


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