Week 2 of “Watch your behind”

Week 2 of Week 6 for super toned glutes. Let me give it to you straight, it’s intense…and it’s going to get you to sweat! Unfortunately, I’m sharing this on the “break day” of the routine, but I am hoping many of you checked the facebook page, which keeps you more up to date with the exercises.


Week 2: Front Squats, Back Squats & Baithak (Hindu squats), Lunges, Overhead lunges, Bulgarian Lunges, Deadlifts, Pushup and Dips (originally chest & shoulder press)

10 reps for 3 sets each

Front & Back Squats
Front & Back Squats
Hindu Squats (Baithak)
Hindu Squats (Baithak)
Overhead lunges
Bulgarian Lunges









Check out a short guide on my youtube channel –  OlioVida

or Like & Join OlioVida’s Facebook page to stay toned!! 



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