Glutes on Firee

I came across a post on Vogue India, yes, Vogue about a “worthy” regime for excellent butt. Super toned glutes. The perfect beach bum. The perfect thing for a perfect jean fit. I’m one week into this six week plan, and it’s fun! I can already feel a difference after going through duck-style walking phase on the first 2 days. The pain-the pulls, it will pay off, so I won’t crib much.

This 6 week plan wants us to follow this pattern:

2 Days On, 1 Day Off, 2 Days On and Weekend Rest

Ready for your glutes on fire? You better be!

Week 1: Squats, Forward & Side Lunges, Deadlifts, Chest & Shoulder presses.

10 reps for 3 sets each 


The last three exercises require weight, however, I modified it since I didn’t have dumbbells. You can use two water bottles for deadlifts and shoulder presses, or even textbooks. Another idea for shoulder presses are Dips, these are quite useful for your shoulders and triceps. And for chest presses I changed it to Pushups, altering between knee pushup and regular pushup.

Tricep Dips
Tricep Dips

To keep up with this 6 Week Plan be a part of OlioVida page

Or I’ll see you soon here 🙂


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