Festive Food Fair

December and January got me so busy that I haven’t had the time to write-up the cool events I’ve enjoyed.

Last month me and other people from the community hosted a Festive Food Fair in a hall within our gated community. We were a total of 18 people ages ranging from 9 years till 40 years. We even printed out coupons worth 5, 10 and 20 Baht and decked up the place as much as we could with things from home. I even created a mini poster for the event (below)

The Hall

At first I thought 18 was too big of a number and coordinating would become a hard task, but delegating the appropriate tasks to everyone and setting a deadline…made it easy. Everybody knew what they were responsible for, for example, I prepared 3 things- 2 dishes and 1 dessert. Five other girls cooked up delicious snacks as well accumulating around 8-10 more dishes.

We had prepared Mango (salad) Chips, Asian noodles, Veggie Rolls, Mini Pizza Bread, Tacos, Kachori/Samosa (Indian puff & pie), Tacos, Mac & Cheese, Vanilla cake, M&M cookies and chocolate cupcakes. All of them were sold within the first hour! The prices were also kept low so people were willing to pay for each dish. Unfortunately, some people could not make a profit nor even breakeven…but better luck next time?! I’m ready for a round 2 someday.

Friends at my stall
Taco Stall

Besides the food in the fair, the guys fixed 3 stalls of games for the customers/visitors. The games created a massive chaotic atmosphere because everyone was screaming or cheering, which was actually fun because it felt more lively. They had games such as knock the cups, darts, shooting a table tennis ball in a cup and blowing balls onto the next plate. These seem childish, sure, but everybody played these games.


Blowing Ball
Blowing Ball

The customers range from 6 years of age till 65 years. As just a spectator, I could see all of them forgot all worries and enjoyed the ‘competitive’ part of each game. They screamed because they missed the target, or they cheered for their friend to ‘get it right’. Some of them even tried very hard to distract others from playing it right and getting a price, which is honestly always fun to do!


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