Breakfast Quickie

Lately, I’ve been doing many house chores that I get so tired to feed myself proper 3 meals. Health regime going down. Today after I finished up with the work I realized I had a banana…I love banana, I love banana smoothies!!

Banana in your first meal is perfect because it’s filling especially if you indulge in it royally.

Then I realized I think I wanted something to eat as well, but I’m so tired to even ready a toast. BingO – I have KoKo Krunch (a chocolate flavored cereal), too!! My quickie idea is genius for lazy? exhausted? need something fast? people.

Quickie Ingredients: 

  • 1 Banana
  • 1/4 or 2/4 cup Milk (based on choice of consistency-1/4 milk thicker>2/4)
  • Cereal of your choice (you can use as much as you want 😀 )
Ready everything then start! (Banana & milk are already in the blender)

Only 3 things!


What to do to with these? Simple Steps

Step 1: Add banana & milk to blender. Prepare Banana Smoothie!!


Step 2: Pour cereal of choice in a big mug. I added my KoKo Krunch 😀


Step 3: Pour the Banana Smoothie on the cereal.



I’ve had my quickie, try your’s! 😀



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