My favorite salad bowl

I am quite sure the title of this post automatically made you list out salads you like, but that’s now what it’s about.

Salad bowl, let me exhibit my nerdy alter-ego, is about a mixture and integration of different cultures. Everyone keeps their distinct cultural quality yet infuse with others. The last 1.5 years of my life have enriched me on so many levels. I have met people from across the globe. I have learnt their cultures, language and mindsets. I have understood their fundamentals. Obviously, I am no pro at everything about them but I’m only human 🙂

I have my very own salad bowl and I love it


Where are they from? 

1. Namibia
2. Zambia
3. Oman
4. Japan
5. Yemen
6. Denmark
7. Germany
8. Malta-Russia
9. Iran
10. Malaysia
11. Canada
12. Estonia
13. Australia
14. Vietnam
15. Thailand
16. Turkey
17. Maldives
18. Bangladesh
19. Pakistan
20. Mauritius…I’m sure there are more..

All of us
All of us

What’s common amongst us?

Humanity and Insanity

They’ll disagree because “someone else is crazier than me” is always the case. Most of us have practically spent more time with another than by ourselves. We all have become so immune to each other’s nuisance and presence, it’s unexplainable. Living away from home, making new friends and memories is an experience of a lifetime.

All the memories of coming to school every day, LIVING in the post-graduate lounge as if it were our living room…will be missed.
Pulling each others leg and teasing about some accent/behavior/enunciation…will be missed.
Going to the gym together in order to get fit but end up dancing during our rest period…will be missed.
Politely gazing at people walking by as if they were something ‘out of the world’…will be missed.
Feeding each other knowledge and words for assignments and exams to make it through together…will be missed.
And how can I forget, stealing phones to spam photos of our faces and whatever to flood the camera roll…will NOT be missed.

Note: Thanks to all the spam photos on my phone. Sorry Shetuti, The other Japanese Guy, The Moose..but I told you guys one day it’s going to bite you in the ass. Welcome for your permanent gif on the internet.

Mr. Shetuti
Mr. Shetuti
The Other Japanese Guy
The Moose

Everything about everyone will be missed.

The last 1.5 years of knowing all my classmates with some who’ve become an integral part of my life…I will not change it for the world. It’s time to go back home but I am only waiting for the next time we all can meet again.

We will make it an epic one


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