A celebration to meet again

The last hurrah celebrated with the crazies I ‘befriended’ in September 2014 to a place which couldn’t have rewarded us in a better way. We are finally done with our Masters program at Monash (Malaysia) and we deserved every bit of this mini-cation. And to top it all it was my birthday weekend, having all my friends made it even more special.

Our destination: Krabi       Duration: 4 days, 3 nights

The first day we arrived at Krabi, we all were dead tired because of our early morning flight. We reached at 8am, got our hotel rooms and snoozed till the evening. There were 8 of us. Perfect Number. The first night we wiggled our way through the night market in Krabi Town. It had a variety of things: food, souvenirs, art, clothes and accessories. We made sure we had some “fast” food being sold like meat balls on stick, satay, soda popsicles, fruits and THAI NOODLES! Oh how I missed it. Later on that night we went out to Cairo Bar at Center Point. Still my birthday night so we had a few drinks, enjoyed some sheesha and played Jenga. It was a good laid back night.

The next day I booked a ‘4 island hopping’ tour of the Ao Nang islands. Basically which would still be considered as Krabi. We boated to Koh Kai (Chicken Island), Koh Tub, Koh Poda and Phra Nang Cave Beach. Koh Kai and Phra Nang Cave are the best ones. Beautiful panoramic view and gradient sea.

Long Tail Boat for Island Hopping
Long Tail Boat for Island Hopping

We started at 8am on Sunday Morning for the 4 island tour on our private long tail boat. It was sunny, but the wind made it so much better.

Clear Waters of Koh Kai
Koh Kai and Koh Tub (2 islands)

Then we moved on to the 3rd island, Poda island where we had the best snorkeling time. It was the first time in my life that I witnessed fish eating bananas! No jokes- really we were suppose to feed them banana. And those tiny beautiful beats were very aggressive about their liking for banana. They literally bit/nibbled our arms when swimming by us towards the banana or even the finger when holding it. It was just something else.

Ivan feeding banana
Ivan feeding banana

Then just before we actually stopped at the island to have our lunch…detour happened. We all spotted a man about to jump off the cliff, which isn’t what stunned us but the impossible ‘climbing’ he must’ve done to get there. It seriously was no piece of cake. Some of us tried it out ourselves. Only 1 could get to the very place the man jumped off from. That spot, to jump off from there would’ve been epic! Have a look:

Next thing you know...I was in the water
Next thing you know…I was in the water

The actual spot is above all of us, not in the frames above, but…higher

Best feeling for sure

The next day we rented bikes and vrooom-ed off for paintball and go-kart at Krabi Kart Speedway. The ride to the venue was amazing as we were surrounded by gigantic mountains and cool breeze. Just 1 hitch, my friend and I almost threw ourselves off the bike. Completely my fault by accelerating at the turn with rocks and sand. Holy, we balanced ourselves by our feet and only at the end moment I steered the bike on the lane properly otherwise we would’ve hit the parked vehicle-not so peacefully. An experience we can never forget. It didn’t ruin anything because the KKS venue…got us speechless.


And of course us being gangster in our paintball suits.

The adrenaline junkies best day ever!

I’m the odd one out :/

After our adrenaline dosage in the morning, we joined the rest of the crew for lunch opposite the Golden Beach. Fueled ourselves and made our way to the Tiger Cave temple where we were surprised with the 1,237 steps (actually 1,260) to the top. It’s a bit gross to say but I am quite sure we all sweated out 1 bucket of water. At least it seemed like that..by the time we were at the top, we were soaking wet and tired. However the accomplishment and blissfulness at the top..no complains whatsoever.

View from the top
View from the top -front


View from the Top - back
View from the Top – back
Lord Buddha
Lord Ganesh

We made our offerings, lit the incense, run the bell and said our prayers. It wasn’t about the resting period only, it was attaining the peace bit up 1,260 steps from ground.

This last bit was the perfect way to end our minication with so much happening every second.


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