Bring it on, Day!

I believe my morning sets my day. If I feel happy or dull minutes after waking up… I can tell how my day is going to be. It doesn’t matter how much “better” it gets. It’ll always only be temporarily.

So let me list out 8 things I try before I (if) completely ruin my day:

1. Set a Happy message for your “Alarm”. The first thing you see in the morning will be something nice, not just “Alarm.”

2. Drink water! Its almost like clearing your head by drinking (besides your stomach). It wakes you up.
Or even have orange juice, something with a burst of taste to give you that extra boost.

3. Talk to the person who makes you happy. It always works! Hopefully they’re on their good day.

4. If you have pending issues, check them OUT of your head! Talk it away. Cease and desist. 

5. Play some high-beat/tempo music. It’ll put you in the best vibe possible! Dance and enjoy the moment.

6. Smile smile smile. Smile at yourself in the mirror. If you try to feel happy, you will just be it 🙂

7. Clean up well. Take the best shower (dont need to spend an hour). Scent up!

8. Wear good clothes. Wear things you like, that you look good in. I try to wear bright or even new ‘combinations’ of clothes, just not dull colors. It really helps pick you up.

It’s time to step out and have a great day! 🙂

It is our choice

Do more of what makes YOU Happy


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