Least but not the Last

Finally assignments done, classes done, the only thing remaining now are our exams! In order to celebrate the almost-done feeling, my friends and I went out for a dinner at a restaurant called ‘The Castle’ in Kuala Lampur. The name is deceiving. The only part that looked like a castle was the kitchen’s roof?! It is just hilarious. Its got an open backyard-layout with two palm trees popping out from right in the middle. So while waiting for others to reach the venue, we did what we could do (since we forgot Playing Cards)

Practice makes perfect
Practice makes perfect (Moose, Me, Shetuti, In-Group)



These two crackheads, Shetuti (left) and Moose (right) who try their level best to not make me feel like a girl on most days.

Best People Ever

We all were so starved, once our friends arrived we ordered our meals still waiting like an impatient dog. Let me show you miss fancies who we were waiting for (‘always on point’)

Fancy People
Fancy People (Left to Right) Princess, Kim K. A., Synti

It was just impossible for me because some tasty grilled chicken smell was getting to me from the table nearby.


My friends ordered platter of Grilled Meat (Lamb, Beef and Chicken) with bread. It was unfortunately not so juicy, but filling.


Grilled Chicken Wings with Bread
Grilled Chicken Wings with Bread

Time to nerd up for my exams. Until next time 🙂 


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