Break time

I’m sure you all remember my Samui Getaway, my refuge from all the stressors from school and more. It was the best getaway in the longest time because it was a direct  solution to my problem. In fact I should call it the most rewarding solution, ever.

Well guess what? Just like anyone back from a holiday, I’m still reeling. I have that holiday withdrawal. Samui withdrawal. Beach withdrawal. Relaxation withdrawal. Anything and everything withdrawal. The first week back I was swamped with work and stress immediately. Like what? NO! Already? Help me! I felt and sometimes still feel like a snowball rolling into endless problems. I probably make it sound like a complete external problem, but some have made me realize I at times unknowingly, purposely,  take stuff upon myself. So that sucks, because I still rather be busy than too free.

SO since there has been ongoing work for everyone my friends, my classmates, we all need a break at times. We can’t afford spontaneous getaways. So my friend, Shetuti, suggested actually no, he urged the fact that he has no work for his evening class, so

lets all just go for a quick bowling break!

As much as we like breaks and time out from work, we all are constantly thinking about our pending work. It’s hard to want to take a break because the guilt comes around, especially when it prolongs. Nevertheless, we do indulge in breaks and we did in this BOWLING BREAK. It was too good.

We went to the mall nearby school, Sunway Pyramid, for the closest bowling place. We queued up excitedly hoping for the student discount for the game, which gives a really good deal! The price literally stoops down less than half of the original price. But obviously, my luck sucks…I forgot my student ID card, so the discount deal went down the drain in a snap. Anyhow we paid for 2 games each, got our shoes and made our way to our lane.


The game went so well, so very well that I won. Oh my lord. It even was  one of my highest score ever. Very unbelievable. I got such a high from scoring the spares, getting the line right…It was really fun. We all had a laugh as well because some times some of us won’t have the ball on the line. It is hard, but not impossible so…it is laughable. It is allowed.

Let me share some of the photos we took that day (its been a week).

And are you ready for the score board? Brace yourselves!


We started off really good, but by the second game…we fell short from even getting to a 100?! That’s crazy maybe next time.


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