Not unlucky 13


Lately, I’ve been consistent with going to the gym. I’ve reached Day 19 of my second darebee program, which is a miracle. It’s easier for me because I’ve got a lot of free time. I only have 3 classes this semester which are only two days a week, Tuesday and Saturday. So much free time for things besides work. Sleep, chill and exercise. It’s the chillest semester of my entire 1.5 years of masters course in terms of “time”. The workload is not that chill, but that’s okay. I like working. Sadly, I do.

Well, I have managed to discipline myself with the help of darebee workout programs. I don’t want to skip a day, or not complete the 30 days plan. It keeps me going. Even though some days the workout is insanely intense. Just yesterday it was about “balance” and “endurance” requiring us to do 100 squats, side leg raises and lunges at once. But it feels real good after it, the burn, the feeling of accomplishment. HOWEVER, my favorite days are when we focus on “abs”. I have always loved working on my abs since high school.

I was obsessed, still am! 

And lucky me, a couple days ago it was abs day thanks to the 30-days-of gravity

Day 13 – Abs

Rules: Level 1 – 14 reps each with no rest!

3 Sets up to 2 minutes break in between




Russian Twists


Leg Raises
Leg Raises


Raised Leg Circles
Raised Leg Circles



If you love working on abs too, work these out a couple of times a week.

Note: Some cardio along is a bonus to really feel the abs-in-the-making.


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