Eat, don’t stress!

It’s a universal misconception that depriving self of chocolate, oil, ghee, rice and other carbs is going to help you lose or maintain weight. It’s wrong, very wrong! I know I am no dietician with a degree but I have been reading and following some credible people to say so.

The misconception begins with…

I am an Indian with the obvious Indian genes usually surrounded by Indian or Thai food. And we love our food. We love eating. So it makes no point to follow some celebrity or model. It makes no sense to follow any Western style of diet, when our staple diet such as Daal Chawal (Rice and Lentil) or Kraphao Kai Lad Khao (Stir Fried Basil Chicken with Rice) is already perfect.

Food Food and More Food with Family & Fun
Food Food and More Food with Family & Fun

Following some random foreign diet plan is going to get you three things:

  1. You can barely find the ingredients
  2. It actually costs you more than you make
  3. Cooking it needs way more patience, time and concentration

Another thing, our (Asian) atmosphere and their (American/European) atmosphere are so different that it will never have the same effect. Next we tend to eliminate our favorite food and snacks. And only after a couple of days we are craving it, bad!

 Haven’t you noticed when you haven’t eaten your favorite food for a long time, then when you get the opportunity, you binge eat it?

You had been missing it forever and now its time to show your tummy some loving. This is exactly how you gain more weight rapidly. You stopped eating some high-in-something food, COOL, but when you got the chance you just stuffed it all in? The week off didn’t quite seem to work out right?

Exactly why you should start…

  1. Eat full fat items: Milk, cheese and everything does NOT say “fat-free” product
  2. Stop hiding the oil and ghee! Put it on your chapaati and parathas (flatbread)
  3. Relish your chicken curry with crazy chilli
    (Fun Fact: chilli actually boosts your metabolism)
  4. Have all the fruits possible: Mangos, Watermelon, BANANA, etc.
  5. Rice rice and rice (no Indian can stay without rice)

You can eat everything you love with only 2 commitment, eat right at the right time! And the times you want to snack, for example in the evenings since your lunch was hours ago and dinner is hours laterhave your poha, upma, sandwich. There is no problem, I promise. This snack craving will reduce if you have your normal (medium or big) portion of your lunch and dinner on time. On time is also about eating around the same time everyday, its difficult but it is for you.

All the eating and enjoying food actually helps you maintain and lose weight. This does not mean you sit on your butt the entire week. Let me repeat, eat the right portion, don’t celebrate with all the sweets in the world because then it’s not eating right. Eating right initially means get your 3 meals a day, then everything will fall into place. AND you should get in at least 3-4 days of sweating out some sort of activity. Skip the elevators, take the stairs sometimes. Note: Starving and depriving yourself will eventually lead to…

  1. Gaining the lost weight and more faster,
  2. Slower metabolism rate,
  3. Headaches,
  4. Stomach ache,
  5. Sluggish days
  6. and feeling bad when others around you are eating.

Your food is your mood. You eat what you love and be happy. This way you are going to be much more active and content with yourself 🙂

(You can check out Rujuta Diwekar)


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