Friday started off like the turtle in the race with the  hare. I literally just sat in one place, in our post-graduate lounge and..can’t recall doing anything. Correction anything “productive”. I know I surfed my daily dose of pass time websites like Popsugar and Bollywoodlife. I know I should check news and all but I get CNN updates on my phone, so it’s all cool. I’m aware of “real world” things!

After long slow boring hours, my friends showed up and we played Revolution. We never just play 1 game. So after two hours of nonstop Revolution with punishments (pushups) I headed for the gym. I almost skipped but Mr. Moose said “You don’t even have an excuse”. Very true, I had none unlike him he was very ill. I just kept asking “should I?” hoping someone would say no, stay. Fortunately nobody did and I decided its Cardio Day with a set from 30 Days of Gravity.

Cardio Day means sweating on the cross trainer, treadmill and the cycle. Not on a peaceful pace but fast speed. The more you sweat the better you feel about the cardio. My thighs by the end of the 20 minutes drill wanted to punch me but it survived so Win-Win! Then I did some Donkey kicks and started of the Day 12 routine with Shetuti (long-lost gym attendee).

Day 12 – Balance & Flexibility:

1.Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 16.13.52

2. Side Leg Raises (check out Soaring Sweat)


Calf Raises
Calf Raises


Split for 2 minutes (as low as you can go)
Split for 2 minutes (as low as you can go)

And of course, Mr. Fancy, Shetuti, did some intense skipping which I need to start one day!

His moment of enlightenment
His moment of enlightenment

The best part is yet to come…

Later at night my friends and I went to 32 Bistro for a gooood night! I don’t have heels (in Malaysia) so guess what I wore?

H&M Sneakers
H&M Sneakers

We danced our ass off till 3am ending with french fries at Jaffars. This place plays music I would’ve never found on my own…nor liked, but I love it now. They play Zambian to Nigerian and many different African music along with the regular hip-hip playlist. It’s always a good time in Bistro.


32 Bistro & Bar Barty
32 Bistro & Bar Barty (sorry for the finger)

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