Get Your Grill On


Best night in a long time. The past Sunday my friends and I went to Farider’s condominium which is lavish as hell. We had a barbecue feast on the 33rd floor, the  rooftop. The photo above almost captured the amazing view. You could see the Petronas Tower, Menara Kuala Lampur and other skyscrapers. Pure bliss.

When we arrived at the place around 7ish some of my friends were already preparing the beef skewers. And the chicken had been in marinades from the night before. We were starving so as  soon as we got there, mr.moose got down to business. The grills. They grilled plenty of meat before going for round 2. We stuffed our faces with the barbecued chicken and beef…Then came the pleasure of having weiners, okay I mean sausages. Feast was heavenly! Pro meat diet.

Chicken Marinade Ingredients (thanks to the princess):

  1. Yoghurt
  2. Minced/Chopped Garlic and Garlic Powder
  3. Chopped Ginger
  4. Butter
  5. Black Pepper
  6. Salt
  7. Red Chili Powder
  8. Chicken Tikka Masala
  9. Lemon
  10. Vinegar

*Add chicken  or any meat. Best taste if kept in marinade for 24 hours.

Grill the meat and have a feast!

On the terrace at night with food, drinks, favorite people and MUSIC. It got even better. Grilling, eating, drinking and dancing. It was a perfect night out. Nothing too crazy. We got our friend, the princess, to open up but she’s still shy. Maybe next time.

A night well spent with Shetuti, Moose, The other Japanese Guy, Maroowa, Momo 1.0, Ivan, Iffi, Navina, the princess, in-group and Farider himself! 🙂


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