Balls for the weekend

So remember when I really needed the weekend? It worked out perfectly. And at the same time most of my friends ditched me for a long Langkawi ‘vacation’.

On Saturday, I unfortunately slept throughout the day to fix my sore body, but it felt great-ish with popcorn.


Then came slacking Sunday which was rather active. We went to Sunway Pyramid Mall next to the campus for BOWLING! It had been ages since I played where as couple of years ago I use to go almost every week. It was only us three: The Moose, The Other Japanese Guy and Me. 

We only played 2 games because we were starving, especially me! I only had breakfast which was no royal breakfast. The Other Japanese Guy won both the games. Can you believe I missed a strike by just 1 PIN! Not once not twice but..lets just not mention the number. Always having a spare is not fun. Specially if it’s a split…Goodbye patience. Anyhow it was a lot of fun. Distracting the other japanese guy so he doesn’t get a strike, clapping for the moose bowling into the gutter. It’s always fun!

Now comes my favorite part of the day FOOD TIME! We went to NY Steak Shack at the mall and ordered some amazing dishes. And since it was a Sunday, my cheat day, I got to drink pepsi (they had no coke) with my meal. Best feast of the week. Happy stomach, happy me.

Southwest Grill
Naked Burger (beef)
Ribeye Garlic (Beef)



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