The weekend is finally here. I need it now more than ever!! Work/Assignments are piling up, it’s getting really hot out and I need a break from bullshit. Domino effect is real this week.

Apart from all the sluggish stuff I have 2 things going for me: gym and guy. I started the 30-days-of-gravity. It’s incredibly intense and fun? I don’t know how-I guess love the adrenaline rush from it. After the first 2 days plan I could barely walk without making weird sounds.“Aah” “OH” “UUUHHH” “MMMHH” Not smart when you have crazy friends. You know exactly what I mean!

Let me show you what the Moose and I did for that workout:7

These sweat you out like a boss! Not just 3 sets anymore, but FIVE or “till failure”. You can only imagine the words coming out my mouth before burnout. BUT it feels too good!

And the guy is like icing on the cake? Lets just keep it at that 🙂


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