Do you live with someone?

A few days back I was in the middle of a very decent talk with my friend when he remembered something.

That something, I don’t know if you all can digest it with a laugh, but hell I did!

Lets give a name to my friend: PETER, and his brother BOB. (Not so creative, but its okay?)

Background: Bob only comes home on holidays. Peter and Bob share a room.

So, one day Peter’s brother walked into the bathroom to brush his teeth. And there were 2 tooth brushes, apparently BOTH were Peter’s. A new and old toothbrush. Bob didn’t know this. Bob assumed one was bought for him. So like normal person he started brushing and then Peter the great realized

…he used that same toothbrush to clean his dirty shoes! 😐 He scrubbed his shoes, washed it and kept it back in the same spot (god knows for what reason). And the moment Peter realized that Bob was using that ridiculously dirty toothbrush, he DID NOT UTTER A WORD. Peter in his own words “He didn’t know and was almost done brushing so no point. Why bother telling him..I thought I’ll buy him a new one tomorrow.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 15.53.32Can you believe that? I died. I died a billion times inside. His poor brother is cleaning his teeth with a dirty brush. Whats the point? 😀

But guess what? He still forgot to buy Bob a new toothbrush the next day. So he ended up using it for the next 3 to 4 days when Peter again remembered, “I haven’t bought a new brush yet.” (and Peter still didn’t tell Bob!) Then he bought it after 2-3 WEEKS!  🙏😁

Good luck to living with whoever. Lets just hope it doesn’t happen to you 😉


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