Burn Baby Burn

Mission Accomplished! 30 days plan of HIIT is finally over.  It’s the best feeling to get through this or something for that matter cause I get bored fast. Today we did the 30th day plan which was intense with Side Jumps, Squats and Burpees (5 sets). Holy mother of god we died! Only because we did the HIIT exercise after doing a full on legs weight training circuit.

We started off with the leg extension machine with 3 sets of 10 each which primarily works on the thigh muscle. And while waiting for the next person to finish their rep we would do ‘calf raise‘. You can actually do this anywhere, even while sitting by tensing the calves.

Calf Raises


Then we moved to the Hack Squat machine, which in simpler words can be called ‘Leg Press’ machine. Aim is always to do 3 sets of 10-15 reps each. This works the gluteus maximus (butt) and the thighs, again. We use it also to train our calves. And the last weight training exercise with the equipment is Hamstring Curls.

Hamstring Curls – Slowly
Hamstrings and Outer Thighs
Hamstrings and Outer Thighs


And khalas (Arabic: “over”), done for the day! 🙂

OH and new darebee workout program I plan on following is 30 Days of Gravity. Its a 100% no-equipment strength and tone oriented program.





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