It’s a Revolution!

My first semester in Monash (Malaysia) didn’t pass so entertainingly. I was either in my room or on campus in the post-grad lounge downloading all sorts of shows and movies, or doing my assignments. First semester away from home was not that fun.

Okay..sometimes it was fun

However, my second semester passed by in a blink with so much chaos, fun, awkward moments and games! Throwing the stress ball at each other game and card games. Thanks to “the other Japanese guy”, Masashi, I learnt so many card games that we now have the need to play it every day.

One of the best games which took me a while to understand is called Revolution  (for us). It’s officially called President, Asshole or ‘Man of the House’, but our rules are way different. You all should give it a try, you won’t regret learning it 😉


*3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, 2 – Weakest(lowest) to Strongest(highest) Order of Cards

**You beat the strongest card(2) with a Joker, and beat a joker with a 3 of Spade! Joker can also be used as a ‘replacement’ of any card. For example while playing pairs or needing to play a consecutive card (4>5>6?) which you don’t have.

***You cannot end the game with the strongest card, Joker, 8.

***A REVOLUTION occurs when you play a slope of cards (3, 4, 5, 6) of the same suit or 4 cards of the same number (6,6,6,6). This will change the order of cards to making the strongest card and 2 the weakest!

Slope or 4 of a Kind

****Card number 8 clears the round/the pile of cards on table. Start new round!

*****Playing a J (Jack) means you can choose the direction of the next card (say UP or DOWN). Up meaning highest is 2, down meaning highest is 3. 

How to play? (2 players)

1. Deal out all the cards keeping only 2 Jokers in the game.

2. With two players you play the ‘Pick Up’ method with only 5 cards in hand. And every time you drop a card(s), pick to keep 5 in hand at all times.

3. Continue according to the previous card’s suit or throw a card higher. The player with 6 plays first as it’s the lowest card. The player can start from 6 heart card, the next player will need to play a higher card.

Or, the first player can throw the 8 first, as it’s just a ‘throw away card‘. The aim of this game to finish your cards first!

4. If the second player plays a 7 of Diamond this means it’s a ‘lock’. A lock is when same suit and next in order card is played. Then the next card can only be an 8 of heart (which will clear the round/pile) or a Joker (substitute/replacement card). You then WIN the round!



(Player threw a 6 Heart and continued the lock and won the round. Next player was supposed to play a 7 of Heart, but it’s already in the throw away pile (right most of photo) = they lost round.)

5. Once you win a round, you start from scratch. Push away the pile of cards.

6. If you put a 10, you can throw away any card into the outside pile. The next player continues game (play J, Q,K, A or 2/Joker). Remember playing a J (Jack) specify the direction.

Similarly, an 8 is just a throw away card. So if 7 is on the table and its your turn, play an 8 and WIN the round! (it clears the pile).

Note: The aim is to finish all the cards in hand. So play the pairs or the three of the same kind.

AND, the best part about this game, whoever loses the game (finishes cards last) gets a PUNISHMENT! We do 10 push-ups or sit-ups. If there is a revolution in the game, double the punishment 😛

I was punished TWICE
I was punished TWICE

GOOD LUCK!! I’ll upload a video of our game time so you can have a clearer idea 🙂









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