Your Monday, My Armday

My Sweaty Face :P
My Sweaty Face 😛

I’ve reached the 23rd day of my HIIT workout! I had to skip a couple of days because of my wounded toes, but I’ve caught up. I felt so guilty skipping, so over the weekend I cramped up all my 5 days workout. It may not be a good thing? But I just could not resist. My toes still aren’t fix, but no excuses!

Armday encompassed various arm exercises along with a few ab workout, and my regular HIIT fix. Let me list out the routine I follow thanks to my free gym instructor, The Mooose (aka Musa).

First, we get the appropriate dumbbells, not too light-not too heavy. I use a 10 kg each. I change it up, when it seems too light for the exercise. So we start off with 3 sets of 10 regular bicep curls each.

We rest and stretch or shake out the muscles before starting exercise #2. For exercise #2 we use the same dumbbells in each hand and pull our arms up (eye level) with palms facing down. As we bring them back down (waist level), we open our arms outward. As if you’re about to give a hug. Weird, but true.

Obviously, stretch again. Always stretch or shake to relax the muscle a bit.

Then we use the awesome rowing machine to do our arms. We hold a position, back straight and pull the bar towards the chest. Keep your elbows close. We do this turn by turn, 10 each of 3 sets. Nobody needs a dying arm, stretch it out again.

Rowing Machine Exercise
Rowing Machine Exercise

Next comes the crazy upper back working exercise, which works your bicep and triceps. Its my favorite! There are times when Musa notices the weight is not enough, he just holds the weight going up. Oh my god kill me, its cheating!!

3 Sets of 10 Each
3 Sets of 10 Each


The last two are not easy! Or they end up not being so easy due to the previous exercises. We do the following weight training exercises 10 reps of 3 sets each. And finally its time to end Armday with 5-7 different ab routines and HIIT in full throttle! I got a killer adrenaline rush.

Triceps and the TRIO (chest, shoulders, arms)



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