Veggie Thursday

Being a North-Indian where at least 1 meal of the day should have meat, Thursdays are the hardest. Thursdays are like ‘test of faith’ day! Originally I fasted every Thursday because my mother said so..but being in crazy heat and going through classes (in uni) I just couldn’t follow through.

A fasting Thursday would include: a vegetarian meal (no egg) at 12/1 pm and a banana smoothie at 4 pm. Being a student, sitting through long quiet classes was not fun on a Thursday. The meal plan never allowed me a full stomach so it would start growling in the middle of a lecture. You know…it’s embarrassing as hell! My friends would look at me and giggle…and giggle.

Anyhow, I figured if I can’t survive on that ‘meal plan’, I should just be a vegetarian for the day. I asked my mom and she agreed and its been two years since. I’ve survived so far, but it’s not easy. A clean win-win for us.

So, today is a Thursday and my friends planned to eat at this place called ‘The Burger Lab’ at Sunway (Malaysia). The place had an earthy feel to it which is just the sort of ambience I like in restaurants. Bricked out walls, wooden stairs and the floor just varnished cement. Just simple stuff.

Tough time ordering? Nope, thankfully they had a veg burger on the menu. So I ordered this really weird sometimes tasty veg black burger. It had a chunky tofu patty with mushrooms and a spicy purple coleslaw as the side dish. Halfway through the chunky-tofu-patty I was dead full and I just couldn’t eat anymore. My hunger basically vanished.

The Chunky-Tofu Black Burger
The meal

It was still a happy ending since we played a couple rounds of card games then ‘home sweet home’.




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