Fitness Friendly Days

Today is the 15th day of my HIIT (high intensity interval training) 30 days workout I’ve been following so religiously. It is so satisfying that I can’t believe I came this far. Believe me its something everyone should try at least once. It’s only a 30 days plan with each workout lasting 10-15 minutes max! You don’t even need any equipments. It’s short and free. For those who get bored going to the gym, this is a gift to you! You can do it anywhere, anytime. It really pumps you up. It even makes me go for another round of sweat-blasting-exercises!

Day 15 HIIT workout for absolute abs!
Day 15 HIIT workout for absolute abs!

Its a shocker because I am the laziest person, but this thing is a pusher! I continue on with weight training exercises for my arms and legs, along with some squats. And of course, a new obsession of a long spin-cycle session. It’s like a sauna.

Spin Cycle
Spin Cycle

Although, Oh My God, sore muscles the next day…sucks, but its rewarding! Its proof to my hard work, which is going to pay off in time for my beach trip. Yes! That’s my second major incentive for such a fitness friendly mindset till September.

I cannot wait to chill on the beach without a care in the world.

You can check out this HIIT workout on (there are various other plans you can try)


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